Fit Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy offers tons of health benefits to you and your baby. Despite of it, many of you are anxious about the weight gain and the impact that pregnancy will have on your body, fitness and overall wellbeing. However you should know that regular exercise during pregnancy is a wonderful way to look after yourself and your baby.
Pregnancy is a very special period in every woman’s life but at the same time very challenging for her body. As your pregnancy progresses your posture will start to change causing some pain and discomfort. Weakening of your pelvic floor and the core muscles may cause urinary incontinence and lower back pain. Your breathing may become compromised because of changes in your rib cage.
At  getfitmama all these problems can be addressed to make you fitter and happier mom-to-be. Take advantage of the functional training combined with effective core and posture improving exercises which will:

-        Strengthen your back and core muscles including the pelvic floor,

-        Prepare your body for all postural changes,

-        Help prevent or at least limit musculoskeletal problems,

-        Control weight gain to avoid any pregnancy complications

-        Prepare for the labour to make it as a positive experience.

You can and you should exercise during pregnancy. Let me show you how to safely stay fit while looking after your and your baby’s health.

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